Dining Out

The “best of the best quality” chicken — or bb.q Chicken — has arrived on Oahu. And, the eatery’s astute attention to detail has chicken connoisseurs flocking to its Kahala and Aiea locations.

At bb.q Chicken, poultry perfection is reached through Korean-imported ingredients, including its signature olive oil and scrumptious sauces, and always-made-to-order, crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside chicken.

“Even our boxes are designed to keep the chicken at its best state when customers take it home,” adds marketing manager Heather Lim.

A great place to start on the menu is the Half & Half ($30.99): Half of the 16 total pieces are Golden Fried, and the other half is tossed in the sweet, tangy, slightly spicy Secret Sauced (Yang-Nyeom Chicken in Korea).

Out of the 13 wing flavors offered, Honey Garlic is the most popular in Hawaii. 

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